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Due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, Happy Triangle Foundation has been working to reach out to those in need with respect to understanding their key priorities. We hope that all the local organisations in India working to help the needy recognise the urgencies of the demographic around you. In early March 2020, we began by talking to our schoolteachers, and students to spread awareness on the coronavirus and the mechanisms by which it can spread. we distributed masks and gloves before the lockdown was implemented to assure safe working conditions so that on-going activities could continue hassle-free.

However, with growing concerns and strict enforcement of physical distancing all workplaces have temporarily shut down causing a major impediment to the labour and migrant population. Though everyone employed by Happy Triangle Foundation, and our personal house helps have received and been assured to receive continued financial support and no reduction in salaries, there is major difficulty in access to food and adequate nourishment. Food stores are overburdened to provide for large local populations, where standing in 2-hour queues is worse for those who can buy limited amounts of food upon every visit, and do not have the privilege to stock. We are helping the house help, drivers, cleaning staff, gardeners, and watchmen in our localities by providing pulses, cooking oil, tea leaves, and 5 kilograms of rice to over 20 people every week.

We hope everyone aiming to help the low-income population recognise the key requirements may not be only financial, but also access to nutritional and dietary needs especially in areas where even financially able people are unethically hoarding large amounts of food. The uncertainty of the present situation requires meaningful help for everyone who can extend a hand with respect and real value for those in need.